Friday, March 2, 2012


Guess what happened on Tuesday at St Pius X school?
“ No jumpers Room 7.” said Mrs Tui. We filed into the court and was met by Marcel, the tennis instructor. It was my first time to play tennis.

Marcel told the girls to grab a racket and a tennis ball and go to the other side of the net. The boys were told to do the same. I rushed as quickly as I can. He taught us how to hold the racket correctly. We had to hold the racket like we are holding a frying pan.He showed us how to balance the ball on the tennis racket. Balancing the ball was hard.

Marcel told us partner up. My partner was Mrs Tui. He told one of our partner to go on one side of the net. His next instruction was to put down our tennis racket. Mrs Tui hit the tennis ball with a Fore Hand Hit. She hit the ball straight at me, sometimes high which made it hard to catch. It was my turn to do the same thing.

Lastly we played a game called King of the Courts. Three groups had six people. It was very fun because I became King of the Courts! Tevita was the winner of our group.