Monday, August 19, 2013

What I have learnt today

Today I have learnt about prime numbers in maths. Prime numbers are number that only have two factors.  Another way is a number that you can times that number and one.  Also I have learnt some facts about United Kingdom like their traditional food they have on Sunday, they have a meal that is called Sunday roast.     

Cross Country

The St Pius Cross country is an event that happens every year at St Pius.  It a race where you have to have a lot of stamina to run because it is a long distance race.  It is where everyone in St Pius attends as individuals.
All the students of Saint Pius gather inside the courts in their ages.  The 9 year old and up are the senior syndicate and they run around the block. The junior syndicate 8 year old and down run around the school.  The teachers bang the sticks and makes the score sheet.

The 10 year old and up run around the block twice and the 9 year old run around once. Teachers stand around the block to make sure the kids are running the correct way.  When they come back they go to the teacher who is writing down the places. first,second,third,fourth and fifth gets points for their houses.  The houses are Keas, Kiwi’s, Tui’s and Gecko’s.

After the seniors they come back and watch the juniors run. they run around the field flowing the teacher or someone.  They follow someone so they know where to go.  They all come back and sit in their places and wait for the teacher.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Book Review

Choose a word to describe your book. Interesting

Title: Muffin Magic ______________________  
Author: Kathy White ________________
Date started:29/07/13 ____________    
Date finished: 01/08/13____________
What was the book about?

It was about a kid named Mark who was picked to compete in the Pacific Rock climbing championship in Sydney.  But there was one problem money.  Mark couldn't afford to pay his ticket to Sydney. So he and his friend Kenneth start a business to sell muffins. They try to make enough money to pay for Mark ticket to Sydney.

What did you like about the book? 

I liked the character Mark because he was determine to make muffins every day to sell and he was brave to go to other neighbours and ask if they would to make an order.  

What was your favourite part of the book? 

Was when Mark got a lot of money from Jason mum because Jason was his bully and Jason was getting angry.

How many stars would you give this book? Colour the stars.
(5 – Excellent, 1 – Poor)  4