Friday, July 1, 2011

HOLIDAYS and adventures April 2011

I was excited to go to my little baby cousins birthday on Anzac day, he is turning two and his name is called Evan. When I got there I saw cousins, uncles, aunties. While more people came in the house, the house got pretty full of people. When everyone was here the adults had a chat to each other.

Strait after they finished chatting to other people, then they decided to eat, first we sang the happy birthday song to Evan and then the little kids ate. First we ate hot chips,chicken nuggets, sausages and domino’s pizza. After we ate we had dessert, the old people had cake and ice cream and the little kids had ice blocks.

While people finished their dessert, some people left and then other people left. Before we left I said happy birthday to my little cousin and said “goodbye.”


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