Monday, September 12, 2011

my second holiday

Guess what happened at Pakuranga Hoyts? Me and my family went to watch Transformers: Dark of the Moon. First we got there by a car. When we got there we went straight up the escalator's and went an got our tickets. Before we went inside the cinema we got our ice creams and popcorn and then we went and gave our tickets to the ticket person, she riped it and told us to go inside cinema 5.

Next we got inside the cinema and sat on our seats. Before the movie started I finished my ice cream. In the beginning of the movie there was a space ship crashing on the moon and then the humans found it. I started to get hungry again so I ate the popcorn and I drank my soda.

Finally after three hours of the movie we went outside of the cinema and went to the toilets. After a while my brothers came out and my cousins came out to. Eventually we went back to the car and got in and drove off.

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