Thursday, April 5, 2012

My trip to Samoa

Goodbye New Zealand I said to myself on the plane as I was watching Tintin. I looked to the window .  The plane was landing.  As soon as I got out I started to sweat . It was a burning afternoon.

I rubbed my sweat off my forehead . We inside the airport to check our bags and passport. Next I said  hello to my Grandpa,Grandma and cousin.

We jumped  inside the cars. Off we went to the village of vaiusu. While we were driving I saw new things.  When we got to the village I had a look around the place. I saw pigs , dogs. We went  to have lunch we ate heaps of things like kfc, taro, fish and other island food.

After we ate we had to go to my grandmas house from my dads side. I went inside the house It was cool because they had the air conditioner on. It was time to go. We said  goodbye to them.

We went back to vaiusu and played pool for half an hour. Then we went inside and slept under the ceiling fan.

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