Friday, May 4, 2012

Basketball experience

“Ring ring ring!” Went the bell. we all lined up. “I thought we had basketball today.” I said to myself. Mrs Tui came in and said “Unfortunately we have to wait because the basketball guy is not here.” So Room 7 did maths to wait. While we were doing our maths Mrs Bell came in. She told Mrs Tui that the he is here. So we had to pack up and go outside. But we had to come back inside because he was getting ready. Then tevita came and told us to come.

After I met our Coach called Bruce he used to be a basketball player but now he is a coach, we all went into teams of four and all got a ball. first he told us how to dribble the ball up and down the court but all of my group had to go into other teams. Then we had a challenge to dribble the ball to our coloured cones and flip the cone over, my team won all the time.

Then our last challenge was to dribble half of the court and then come back to the hoop and shoot and try and get it in, but we lost and someone else won. Finally we put the balls back and said thank you to bruce and went to class.  

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