Friday, June 15, 2012

My narrative

It was early in the morning.  I heard a loud knock on the door.  I went to the door and I heard a strange voice coming from outside the door “hello is anyone there?” said the strange voice. I stopped and thought to myself what if it was a robber he will come and robb everything in the house.

So then I went and got the secret key from under the carpet and opened the door for the basement. I went down slowly so the person outside couldn’t hear a  squeak. when I got into the basement I hid around the corner and waited, suddenly after two minutes the person broke the window and came in.  “Hello is anyone hear I just need help” so then I went back upstairs and standing there was a man.  I asked him what do you need.  He said “I don’t know where I am, can you tell me where I am?, I told him you are in the woods and then he asked again “does anyone come here” I said no.  He asked why I told him because there are wild animals. I was still scared because this man was a stranger.

But he told me he was cold and hungry so I thought I would make him so food. However that was a bad idea because after we ate he said “give me all your money” I froze for a while and I said I thought you were lost in the woods and then he said “I always come in the woods and try to find someone to rob, now give me your money” okay here you go, so can you go away.  Then he said “but you’ve seen my face and you might go and tell the police, so then he pulled out his gun and was going to pull the trigger but then a police officer busted through the door and knocked him out and handcuffed him and took him away.  The police officer said that he was a criminal that had escaped from prison.
This has taught me not to trust strangers.     


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