Monday, July 8, 2013

Portfolio 2013


Today I had a fun experience in the pool.  As I  walked into the pool it was nice and warm.  First I had to try and streamlined across but I only managed to streamlined half.  Streamlining was hard because I had to try and hold my breath for a long time.  After it was time to freestyle I didn't know how to free but I tried.  It was very tiring free styling.   

Then I had to do a starfish a starfish Is when you have to spread out your arm and legs as a starfish and hold you breath under water.  I held my breath the longest out of everyone.  Finally I had free time to do anything in the pool I tried to do a handstand until I got out of the pool.  I got out and it was very cold but I still had a fun Experience.       


I am a medium height, young, slightly overweight and tanned boy.  I have long straight hair, dark brown eyes, short eyelashes and a round head.  I’ve got a tiny nose, small lips and white teeth.   I can look presentable and smart sometimes.

I am an amusing funny person because I can make my friends laugh. I am cheerful because If I lose I still cheer for the other team. I am an enthusiastic person because I have and big interest in basketball and rugby league.  I am a brave person because I am not afraid to share my answer with other people. I am a joyful person because if you see me I am always happy.

I am a sporty person, I love playing any sport even a sport that I haven’t played. I am an Artistic person, I like drawing anything that is in my mind. I really like drawing title pages. I have good sportsmanship I cheer for any team and if I win I don’t rub it in other people face.

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