Friday, May 6, 2011

Athletes gather for the challenge

History was in the making as the children from St Pius X were gathering for the school athletics day. On Friday before morning tea St Pius X school got dressed in our athletics team colour. The colours were green, yellow, red and blue and we wore them with pride. As we did not want the wrong house to get points. After we got changed it was morning tea, but as soon as morning tea was finished we assembled one by one into our house lines red, green, blue and yellow or as my friend would say Tui, Gecko, Kea, Kiwi. Kiwis went with Geckos on the right side of the hall, my group Keas went with Tuis on the left side of the hall.

After we marched around the hall we sat on the blue mats with the littlest at the front and then oldest at the back. Next Mr Coakley talked to the children and the parents about what we were going to do. We all cheered as the games were about to begin.

First it was the five year old boys and girls heats and then the finals. Groups were cheering for their people who were racing. Next the six year old athletes raced and then the sevens, eights, nines and then it was my turn. I was so nervous because I didn’t want to let my team down but guess what? When Mr Gaffney said “go “ Asi jumped the line. Then I lost, I came last in the heat, Jonah came third, Isiah came second and David came first. When I finished my heart was pumping fast, then the elevens,twelves,thirteen year old followed one after the other. After the sprints it was the eight hundred meter race which was going to be twice around the school field. After the eight hundred meter race it was the four hundred meter race that was once around the school field.

Next I heard my stomach making sounds but thank goodness it was lunch time. We all went back to our bags to get our lunch and as usual we went to play. After finishing my food, I played in the courts with my friends. First we played catch with the small rugby ball and after we had enough of playing catch we decided to play touch.

After lunch time we went back and sat on our blue mat, then we started novelty races. Novelty races are like fun races but we don’t get points for it. The first novelty race was room one up to room four,then it was the seniors turn, first it was Tui vs Kiwi, Tius won the battle. It was then our turn to battle the Geckos and we won, then it was my team against Tuis. I didn’t know who won out of my group Keas or Tuis. After the novelty races someone called out the places. Geckos won the overall competition again, but I enjoyed the day who ever won or lost it was a great and memorable day of competition.

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