Friday, June 3, 2011


It was a cold morning when I came to school on Thursday the 9th of May. After line up we went inside the hall for the Mary MacKillop show. As I entered through the door I spotted that the seating had been place in a crescent shape it seemed like a real theater. Inside the hall there was a man waiting for us. The audience went quiet as we sat and settled the whole of St Pius X school seated. Then he introduced himself "hi ,my name is Scott and this is Julia" Julia pocked out her hand out behind the backdrop of the stage but t look like a cupboard until a backdrop, they secretly went there to change to their other clothes. Everyone pointed to Julia's hand and Scott followed were our hands went, our hands went side to side. After a while Julia took on the role of Mary MacKillop when she was small.

First they started the show off with a ride on a billy cart and then they crashed into buckets, which look like a house, by the way a billy cart was a small car made out of wood., we call them trolleys afterwards Scott was acting like a little kid who was poor and selling matches for a penny then Julia said to him “stop, hello what’s your name” then Scott response “hi my name is Kelly and my last name is Kelly and my middle name is Susanne, I am selling matches for a penny, because my family is poor and I’ve got no dad.Julia said to Kelly “if you go to the saint Joesph school you can learn there and they can will give you new clothes.

Suddenly Mary Mackillop fired her baby sitter because she was drinking while holding the baby, suddenly another bad thing happened, her friend that was in the holy faith sisters got burned by a fire and Kelly told Mary Mackillop that she wants to see her before she dies. When Mary Mary got there, she went strait to her room and saw her on the bed raped up in a cloth. Just then Mary Mackillop prayed for her and then her she died. At the end Saint Pius kids could ask questions about them ,then we all went back to our classes.

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