Friday, June 24, 2011

Anzac letter

Dear John ,

I’ll probably be dead by now, but I am going on an extremely dangerous mission at a beach called Semparfy (the code name f made up for the real beach, not the official code name) . We are going to get our soldiers back from the Russians. They were taken as prisoners, after our last engagement with the enemy. My friend Micheal died on patrol last week. All I heard was Bang!! bang!!, he had been hit by a sniper who had shot him on the head, I called the medics to come, then I shot back at him. I not sure if I got him but I am sure he hightailed it out of the area.

I hope our mission will be successful at driving the Russians back and retreating back behind their borders. Yes, by the way I’ve killed over a dozen troopers and I have now stopped counting, there have been so many.

If I survive this mission they may give me some leave before I do my next tour of duty.

Please say Hi to all my family and give them the letter to read.

From George

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