Thursday, March 21, 2013

Ash Wednesday

On the 13 of February  was ash Wednesday, Ash Wednesday was the beginning of lent. St Pius X catholic school led the mass. We had the new priest, his name is father Ioane. Father Ioane was a big man . As father came in we sang a slow and smooth song.

After the collect prayer I went up with Genevieve,Latanoa and Leone. I was nervous because I was reading the second reading. As I started to read I looked up and saw a lot of faces which made me even more nervous. My hands were shaking when I was reading.

When father was saying his homily he asked a lot of question. His questions we about what is lent and what do we do during lent. After his homily  we received the ashes on our forehead. Then we had communion I went up and received the bread and wine. Finally blessed all the teachers and then we ended it off with a song.

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