Thursday, March 21, 2013


The last three days I had a good experience. Room 7 went to the triathlon. Triathlon is a sport event it has three different sports, first its swim but we had a slide and next is biking and last is running.

I got to the slide and dived and slid.  The slide was very slippery and soapy.  
I slid five times and went on to biking. I clicked on my helmet and walked out of the transition area. The transition area is the area where you get your bike from.  While I was out of the transition area I sat on the bike and started peddling. I was peddling as fast as I could and the wind was blowing my face. While I was in peddling back to the transition area I got off and parked it and ran. Running was tiring but I managed to get to the finish line. I had a great experience because that was my first time trying the triathlon.  

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